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Stainless steel scourer

Stainless steel scourer

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POWERFUL CLEANING: Pot scrubbers cut through and remove tough soil and burnt-on food fast

CLEANS TOUGH MESSES: These scrubbers clean grease, grime, and dirt so even the messiest of surfaces will shine like new

SAFE FOR MANY SURFACES: Pot scrubbers are safe to use on stainless steel cookware, pots, pans, grills, broilers, and more surfaces.Plastic Free Dryer Balls are made from Organic Cotton Terry Cloth and filled with 100% Recycled Waste Cotton and will significantly reduce your drying times. They are 100% Vegan and they work by increasing the airflow inside your tumble dryer machine, as well as by absorbing excess moisture. This shortens the required drying time, saving you time and energy.


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