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Soap Nuts Shells bagged - 500g/ 240 washes - 20% OFF

Soap Nuts Shells bagged - 500g/ 240 washes - 20% OFF

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500g = 240 washes

Soapnut Shells are the only Organic wild-crafted detergent that grows on trees! Soapnuts are highly-effective and gentle at the same time.  

Great for all fabrics, can be used at all temperatures from 30 -90 degrees C. Great for all washing machines especially energy efficient machines & great for all allergy sufferers. Save money and the planet with every laundry load!

Living Naturally Soapnuts or Soapberries are actually dried fruit shells which contain real natural soap and are 100% completely natural.

Living Naturally Soapnuts are a natural, non-polluting, compostable, alternative to conventional laundry detergents and synthetic soaps. No fillers, foaming agents, bleach, phthlates, phosphates or parabens.

How to use ?

  • Place 5 shells into the small muslin washbag provided and close securely.
  • Place washbag into the washing machine drum with clothes.
  • Wash clothes as directed on fabric.
  • Save the shells and reuse up to 4 more times.
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