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Sanitary Pads by Ocean Stitch

Sanitary Pads by Ocean Stitch

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Cloth Resuable Sanitary Pads with funky, pretty patterns on one side and fleece/cotton liner on the other side.  Every sanitary pad has a different design.

Made in Farnham.

How to use:

Wear fleece side up and wrap the wings around your knickers, then popper to keep in place.

After use, rinse out in the sink, then place in a netted bag ( or pillow slip) and wash with your laundry at 30c or 40c. DO NOT use fabric conditioner as this will affect the absorbency.

If your out and about and cant wash out the liner, fold it up with the poppers and pop into a waterproof travel pouch and wash out when back at home.

What size to go for:

White Poppers ( daily liner range/ light flow ) - perfect for thong, mini, petite sizes. Fabric content - Organic cotton fleece, cotton, cotton wadding.

Pink Poppers ( regular range / ligt to medium flow ) - perfect for petite , standard sizes. Fabric content - Organic cotton fleece, cotton, zorb.

Red Popper ( extra protection range / medium flow ) - perfect for petite , standard sizes.  Fabric content - Organic cotton fleece, cotton, zorb, PUL waterproof layer.

Blue Popper ( Night time / Heavy flow ) - one size Large .  Fabric Content - Organic cotton fleece, cotton, zorb and PUL waterproof.

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