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Ombar Chocolate Bars - VEGAN Friendly

Ombar Chocolate Bars - VEGAN Friendly

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Coco Mylk Bar ( 70g) : Delightfully creamy 'mylk' chocolate, made using Ecuadorian cacao and smooth, creamed coconut for a delicious melt in the mouth bar. This bar contains 55% cacao solids and billions of added live cultures. 


Pistachio Bar ( 70g) A creamy, nutty-flavoured truffle centre wrapped in 60% dark chocolate.

Salt & Nib Bar (70g) : Rich, creamy 64% chocolate with a touch of sustainably sourced salt from the Kalahari Desert and our delicious, fruity cacao nibs – creamy, salty and crunchy, all in one delicious bar.

Hazelnut Truffle Bar (70g) : The newest and most indulgent bar in the Ombar range. Velvety hazelnut truffle encased in a rich and smooth 60% chocolate shell. Rich, nutty and delicious.


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