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Mrs Bs Bees Honey

Mrs Bs Bees Honey

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Soft Set Honey is a blend of oilseed rape honey and wildflower honey.

Left to its own devices, oilseed rape honey sets very hard very quickly, sometimes in hours. To prevent this and make the honey more “user friendly”, blended with some wildflower honey into the oilseed rape honey before it sets. This breaks down the crystals and prevents the honey from setting for a lot longer. This is a very popular honey for families as it is easy to use, does not fall off the spoon or straight through the toast.

Hawkley Honey - Where this hive is located there is an abundance of lime trees, there are plenty of cultivated fruit and vegetables in the walled garden for the bees and can work in the surrounding woodlands and hedgerows.

Hampshire Honey - A blend of honeys from the local hives.

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