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Mrs Bees Wax Wraps

Mrs Bees Wax Wraps

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Made in Alton by Mrs Bees herself!

Perfect way to start reducing your plastic use by using these amazing wax wraps as a alternative to clingfilm. use it for sandwiches , covering bowls of food , off cuts of cheese, veg and fruit. Even use on wine bottles if your cork or cap have gone missing!

  • Single size is 35cmx35cm. 
  • Double size is First wrap is approx 35cmx35cm and the second is approx 30cmx30cm. 
  • Triple size is First wrap approx. 35cmx35cm, Second wrap approx. 30cmx30cm and third wrap approx. 25cmx25cm. 
  • Extra large is big enough to cover a loaf of bread. 

All patterns are random we will try our best to give an option at delivery.

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