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Dryer Balls - 20% OFF

Dryer Balls - 20% OFF

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Plastic Free Dryer Balls are made from Organic Cotton Terry Cloth and filled with 100% Recycled Waste Cotton and will significantly reduce your drying times. They are 100% Vegan and they work by increasing the airflow inside your tumble dryer machine, as well as by absorbing excess moisture. This shortens the required drying time, saving you time and energy.

The Dryer Balls help to separate thicker items in the machine to reduce wrinkles and help the clothes to dry more evenly.

They are all-natural with no added fillers, chemicals or synthetics.

They are perfect for babies and other family members with sensitive skin or allergies.

Place two Dryer Balls in your tumble dryer machine in with your wet laundry and use the machine as normal.

Once your machine has finished, remove the dryer balls and air dry the Dryer Balls in a sunny place ready for their next use.

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