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Den Kits - 50% OFF

Den Kits - 50% OFF

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Designed to help bring children closer to nature , these provide a pocket-sized treat for any child. 

Natural patterns mini kit - Use your wooden fly-eye kaleidoscope to create a glorious, shifting mosaic as you peer through it, or see if you can spot the patterns provided in nature that can be just as spectacular.

Bug spotter kit - This little kit contains a bug-pot with magnifier-lid, allowing a closer inspection of the captured mini-beast inside. A set of 9 beautifully illustrated British bug-spotter cards offer fascinating facts and a pocket sized guide provides information on how to identify your bug -  and the role these tiny creatures play in our ecosystem. All contained within a reusable jute bag, ready to take on mini-beast adventures in your back garden, the park, the beach or just the nearest underside of a rock.

Mini Pizza Kit - A mini version of the popular Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit - this comprises two wooden disc pizza bases, a mini hessian bag full of mixed bird seed and one beautifully illustrated British garden bird identification card with instructions on the reverse - all in a jute sack.


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