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Deodorant - Ben & Anna

Deodorant - Ben & Anna

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After much request we now stock a deodorant in a stick form, we opted for Ben & Anna Sensitive Deodorants containing no bicarbonate of soda, making them noticeably gentler to your skin. 

Japanese Cherry Blossom: This sensitive deodorant has a gentle, fruity and floral fragrance that gently wraps you in the fine scent of Japanese cherry blossoms. (60g).

Lemon & Lime: This sensitive deodorant is fresh, lemony and uniquely lively. With selected ingredients from natural origin, it works reliable and gently against sweat and odour. The invigorating freshness of lemon lets you start the day perfectly! (60g).

Indian Mandarin: Deodorant that embodies the sensuality and charm of the Orient. The blaze of orange and the pleasant freshness of citrus are combined perfectly to captivate your senses. (60g)

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