Refill and Replenish needs to Change

Refill and Replenish needs to Change

This has been rewritten so many times I have lost count but I need to give you an update, so here I go……as you know it's been a truly tough economic climate over the last couple of years for independent shop owners. As a self-funded business, the knock-on effects of Brexit and most recently the cost of living have meant that it's been difficult to keep our little shop running at times.

As Refill and Replenish is not a charity or a social enterprise, we do not qualify for government funding, even though what we are doing benefits the planet by reducing CO2 emissions and waste. This means that keeping the shop open with the ongoing challenges is becoming increasingly difficult for one person (that's me,Laura) to manage, even with all your support.  

I have absolutely loved the journey from market stall to full time shop and I am immensely proud of the community of re-fillers that we have built over that time. I also deeply believe that there is still a future for Refill & Replenish but it HAS TO CHANGE quickly.

The Big Idea.......  

My vision, therefore, is to turn our store into a Community Led Shop, run by the community for the community, where profits are funnelled back into the shop. Creating a place where you can shop sustainably but it is owned and operated by the people of Petersfield.

Here's where you come in... If this is going to work I need to hear from people that are interested in coming together and getting involved now!

So, if you think this is a great idea and want to know more, please come talk to me by either dropping by the shop or emailing me on

I shall look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, our doors remain firmly open so please continue shopping with us, both in-store and online.

Kind regards

Laura and the team.

Sent out on 05/11/23.



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